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 For over two years I have been punching faces, and training to punch faces. I have been lifting heavy things, hitting heavy things, jumping with heavy things... all in the name of fitness. At the same time I also decided to put some paper with all of it. Now I can teach all these really cool things about fitness and nutrition.

I finished degrees, and certificates in Personal Training, Health & Nutrition Sciences/Sports Nutrition, MMA conditioning, and to top it off, Life Coaching and Behavioral Change specialist. 
So far it's been a blast, I headed to the great out doors to teach one on one boot camps, kick boxing, and boxing. I  incorporate  HIIT, Crossfit, and old school weight training.  I make sure I change each work out each time for my clients. It keeps them guessing and sore. 

I keep a part time schedule, so there are only a few slots remaining. If you are looking for a fun alternative to the gym, or want to add this to your regimen contact me! 
If you are also looking for nutrition I am here to help. I can help you with food plans, food prep, or a general Q&A session.

Morgan is getting the job done on the bag in my studio. 
Just a few fun toys. Ladders, vests, and parachutes, oh my!

There's always time fro a quick selfie for IG. 
Because you know the rule.
If you didn't take a picture of your work out, it didn't happen.

My clients one by one are becoming bad asses.

Trihex Fitness LLC is located in Thornton, Colorado. 
I work/train out of select parks in my area, and in my studio.
If you are looking for more information please contact me:
When you email me please let me know your fitness goals/focus, days, and times available. I will return your email with a quote, and available times.
I will not be able to fit many for personal training, but I am still accepting nutrition clients. 

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