Saturday, December 29, 2012

Here We Go!!!


It's been a long time coming, all of this getting thoughts on to "paper" thing. There is also a New Year quickly sneaking up on me. Now I am not a believer on those pesky media advertised resolutions, this is just a co-inky-dink   No really! The toddler is now in play school a few days a week, my baby is now 7 months old and likes to play with his toys I have now have time. Another huge part is every one in the household goes back to work  or school on January 2nd so finally it will be quiet around here. Baby and I can create (a mess)!

So what on earth do I expect out of all this? No clue, I am no home maker genius, work out guru or do I have an awesome money saver tip. I am a terrible writer, I write how I talk, fast and loose! No really, I am all over the place and tend to ramble on. I am just a post-Urban 'chick', who met her man, moved to the burbs and had kidlets. I have always had the itch to create, but in my younger days it was cocktail and paint.  Did the retail thing for a decade and a half. That's where I got to use my creativity in doing floor sets, and making amazing looks. Even found myself working at Anthropologie (OMG, do I got stories).

But now I have really focused on my skill into "creative housewifery". I still like to do some art pieces on the side to keep the creative oddity juices flowing. But I will be more than happy to show you my "yays" and "nays" and major fails with you. I also would love to share the tweeks to some pins. You know those pesky pin things from that Pinterest place that has just well, sucked up a lot of our time. It's OK, this is a safe place, I know how much time it has taken up, you can tell me.  I know you restarted the dryer 3 times in a row so you didn't have to iron. Hey Girl, you gotta keep all your pins organized, I understand. ;-)

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