Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oil Pulling Mania!

I have been really interested into making my overall health better. The past year since my first trimester with my son I have been experiencing bad back pain. I just put with it and I would just chalk it up to the kids wearing me down. I finally did break down realizing this is no way to live. I couldn't have fun any more. I was always getting sick, and I was never the type to always be ill. So I went to the big scary chiropractor (that is a whole another story). X-rays showed that I have scoliosis, minor, but not minor enough to not be scoliosis. To be honest with you it scares the hell out of me. But there's one thing that made sense to me; bones were pinching nerves. Pinched nerves were restricting the flow to my body and robbing me of the all the goodness. That was so not scientific I know. But it was running to parallel to all the things I have been reading about rebounding, and oil pulling. They all are internal cleansing.

So with that said I set out to learn the correct way to do this ancient thing called 'Oil Pulling'.  I have done a lot of research.. and thats where I stop! Because this started to feel like a book report. With that said I will list a few links I feel had straight forward information. Now there are some BIG claims, but I am not going to judge. I do like the benefits of whiter teeth, and over all health. That's my mission any way. But give it a look, I hope I can keep it up for my mission of just feeling better, happy, and strong.

These links are good dry information :-) (Free EBook)

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