Monday, December 31, 2012

A Dollar Store Copy Cat Craft

My Humble beginnings...

 This little copy cat craft I did was created over the early spring, before my son was born!

We have an odd lay out in our living room, there's this very unnecessary giant ledge. We have a gas fire place, but that shouldn't have cause all of this ledge-e-ness. Who knows, it might just be a tomb of the previous owners.
 Any way, the space behind the TV seemed too open, and blank.  I saw the pictures going around Pinterest of Pottery Barn knock off mirrors, so I thought let's go to the Dollar Store.

SI got my 12 mirrors, 1 super glue, and 1 roll of duct tape, and spent $30?!  It's the Dollar Store, it has the same trappings of Target.
  It was so easy I did it preggo with a toddler at my feet. I am sure you could also be drunk, or have a hoard of toddlers it's that user friendly.

I laid out my mirrors, and began to tape the seams.


 After I did  the seams I did a criss-cross action too over the back. I was supposed to get poster board, but I forgot (I was distracted) so I used our moving boxes.  I hacked up a box, glued that sucker to the back for stability.


 Done. It wasn't going to be hung so I didn't bother with a hanger for the back.

 Any way, this is an oldie but a goodie.♥

So MANY months later I had it down to clean and bloke one of the mirrors. I thought it would be an easy fix but noooOOooo... that tape was super stuck my friends! 
Now it hangs in my odd shaped laundry room where I have a foot and a half of space to open the dryer door. But it's true what they say, mirrors sure open up a room.... ummm no.
♥♥ #irony 

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