Monday, December 31, 2012

My Use and Re-use day...

Lids Lids Lids!

Feeding my 7 month old is a fun and easy task, no really. After we have tons of these great little tubs. We moved from the jars, and found Parents Choice stage 2 foods are an amazing deal. Other than popping them in the recycling bin I have been using them for the usual; kids craft, togo snack packs, and starting seedlings. But I started saving the heck out of all my plastic lids. You'd be amazed what they fit on when you need to save food in the fridge short term. Save that foil, plastic wrap, and save a wash load of plastic wear.


Shots any one?

Then I was digging through my parents basement and I scored tons of plastic and paper ware. There are some weekends I just don't want to see a dish! I also found all of these plastic shot glasses they are perfect for toddler feeding. Not only for portions, but what toddler doesn't love dipping food:-)

I also saw these shot cups at the Dollar Shrine, I mean Store.


Left over shelving paper from the Dollar Store...

I bought the kids a table from IKEA. Unfinished pine, yay! So I was going to do that trick with DIY stain, but I didn't want to buy steel wool. If I didn't have it laying around the house, forget it! So I had some left over paint samples for the house, and this paper. An accidental black and brown mix I ended up loving. No more light wood, and no more scrubbing out food and paint stains.



Need a reason to save more?

Save your medicine measuring cups! If you are anything like me you are making natural concoctions in your bathroom. And you have another pantry in there. Well instead of getting another set of spoons use those medicine cups. Not only great for measuring liquid, but much easier for doing those shots of ACV (apple cider vinegar).

In the beginning my husband asked if I was making salads in there. Almost! I used to have olive oil in the bathroom, it's the gate way natural remedy.

Kramers' garbage disposal in the shower would be the natural best step for those cucumbers ;-)

SaladbarI am only missing my sunflower seed oil in the picture, I am still running downstairs to get it in the morning... Why!!?? Yes, note my Zombie Awareness bracelet. May is Zombie Awareness month, Just saying. :-D

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