Monday, December 31, 2012

Staying savvy in the face of the ZPOC

You know what most, and or ALL zombie movies are missing... Birthdays. As we all watch The Walking Dead unfold we  see moments of life returing. But how about a freaking birthday cake every now and then.  If you're me you think about these things. Well it's all rather easy, staying a calm collected woman in an apron, it's cake! Well in the ZPOC kitchen it can be.

I am sure by now you know the 2 ingredient cake?!  Rather sustainable pantry eats. Oooooh you say; "Sure it's easy to say, but the grid is down."

You wouldn't of said that if you knew me on Twitter. No really. I did a series of it! I'm fun that way.

No worries, I gotcha'

Well there's a lot of 2 ingredient cakes out there, but not this one. It's particularly gross looking. It's zombie inspired.

  • Chocolate cake mix (boxed, any brand)

  • Cherry Pie filling

  • Stir, Bake, pour into spray greased (shelf friendly spray grease) cake pan @350 degrees, 30-40 minutes

May you be Nom Nom be with you, not the Zombie :-)

Image Powered Sugar  shelf friendly, strawberries,well camp by a farm or grow. Canned toppings work too. May all your birthdays have cake in the ZPOC :-)

Now to cook it.....

Here, I took care of that for you, I found this:


You're Welcome. Happy Birthday. :-)

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