Friday, January 4, 2013

Nin-ten-do, It's for breakfast now.

I ran into this this evening. I just want mine back. I miss it so! I remember playing endless hours playing in insane chunks of time. I remember playing Super Mario Brothers ALL THE WAY TO THE VERY END, AND DYING. Yeah the first taste of that just still resinates deep in my very soul.  After doing that several times I stopped playing. But then I found Simons' Quest. Damn that kicked ass. I got do good at killing stuff with my whip. Then my first taste of  RPG on a console, Ultima! I still have to get my kicks every now and then and load up some Ultima on 

I was so attached to my console I remember coming home after school. I had got it for Christmas so I played for two weeks straight. I came in my room and got ready to settle in. But I felt a strange feeling in my gut when I walked past my TV. There was something amiss in the Force. I felt it. I felt the violation. I shrugged it off and started playing. Later I found out my mum was vacuuming and gave gaming a go for the first time!

So I found this lunch box below. I was a little sad because I really want a working console... But I soon started to seep into my consciousness... how would I change it. Now I am thinking it needs a woman's touch.  I would start with a nicer handle, the dad case handle isn't my cup of tea. Then I am thinking a make up case, put dividers in it... No wait, a craft box... well any way. I was looking at prices at my local store, I could buy two. I will let you know if I beat that final level of Mario Brothers.


I would so remove the hardware, find something in the more brushed silver look. It needs more of a design to it. Something that matches! I need to charge my power tools. 


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