Saturday, January 5, 2013

What I crave on

Now this is the kinda Old School I CRAVE! *lip smakin' good*

How far can you make it? Battle through randomly generated lands and 1000 randomly generated dungeons. Slay monsters, gather resources, and craft new an powerful weapons. All to see just how far you can go. Die in dungeon 999? Start over from one. This is a war of perseverance.

The battle system for 1000 dungeons gives players a humber of strategic options each turn, and they will need to pay attention to how enemies move and attack so they can implement the best strategies to make it as far through the 100 dungeons as they can.


The player about to start a battle with a number of orange slimes.


This image shows the first randomly generated world. The amount of each terrain type, and placement of each terrain type is all randomly generated as well as the placement of the dungeons. The game uses a special "growth" algorithm that builds the world dynamically based on random seed positions of each terrain type.


When you are in the dungeon, you can only see as far as your light will allow you. The game features a dynamic shadowing feature that only shows you what your player can see. This similar to the shadowing functionality in Nox.
For more information, Go Here, and follow for updates :-)

Or visit the developers site below:


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