Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't be that guy for Valentines day! Craft ideas.

Time is ticking people! V-day V-day!
 I love holidays!!!
Don't be a last minute person. Nothing says, "I- care -but -not enough-to -have- some -thing -planned- so- I-totally -wanna -be -that- shmuck- @- the -11th- hour -@ Wal-mart."
Last minute  
This is Wal-Mart after work for these guy's. At this point is this the right choice!
I know then the rebuttal is: It's the thought that count's. But do you want that thought about you to be associated with Wal-mart. 
So I give you guys or gals a freebie, this can only be used on V-Days that fall Monday through Thursday.
[Man comes home after work on Valentines Day, sees wife with an eager look on face.]
Man: "Oh honey. I love that look on your face. Now I just have to mess with you! It's the work week, we can't have as much fun as I would like to have with you. You're going to have to wait until this weekend."
[Man kisses wife sweetly on the forehead, lifts her chin with thumb and forefinger so her eyes met his and winks with a cheeky smile.  Exits room.]
So there's one example... Now you better sex up your significant other just to seal the deal. You now have bought yourself some time. Do not go to Wal-Mart. Good luck!
*To my husband: don't you dare! Well not the deal sealing part ;-)*
OK so with all that said, what?! Didn't I warn you some time ago now I can ramble, go off topic, and/or combine two strange things in a post.
So I went on a V-Day haul @ Dollar Store. Now most of this is for kid's, or the kid's to use for gift's. But there's some inspiration here some where.
Gift Bags!!!! Yeah... GIFT BAAAAAAGS!!!

I totally scored on the box of cards BTW because I have a "BIEBER-RIFFIC!" (ha ha ha, *gag*) step daughter so I had to get the traditional cards for school. I was also able to pick up some yummy looking lollypops too. So done and done. 
Now for the kids I put together gift bags, they live for those. I am notorious for them too. There's something about kids, and little things. I used to adore my miniature My Little Pony, and Beatrix Potter felt animals. Stuffing them in cute boxes, and bags was the best!
These things!!! They were so hard to find, I couldn't remember the name of them. Silly irony, my 2 year old is addicted to Beatrix Potter videos. Wow, Mom brain.
So now gift bags aside what to do with the rest. Now my huge idea because it's almost spring is flowers...
For quick, multiple gifts add a packet off seeds to the soil with some twine. (The seeds were 4 for $1.)The Dollar store also has gardening gloves, and gardening tools that could potentially grow into a great gift basket.  

I always enjoy getting my  kidlets involved. There's no way I can keep my toddler away from a messy project! So I was thinking of  seed starter for 'started' gifts. I keep lot's of random cute jars and baby jars for this purpose ;-)
Fill jar with your seed starter, and your seeds (about half of the packet in each) add water and pack down the soil and put the lid back on. (Don't pack into a brick.) I picked up ink pads from the dollar store in red and black, and the stamps were only $1.50 from Michaels. I am now going to decorate the jar with twine from the dollar store and some Valentines stamps. Maybe use images from a magazine to make a collage. I think the plain ones are too cute. Make sure you save the packet! Work that in to a collage card that is also an instructional card. 
Another idea, whip together some burlap bags place your jar in that. Use old plain tee's to make a quick bag and stamp it to match your gift tag or jar design.
Now I didn't go crazy on getting the plates and cups with  hearts. I just picked up the napkins. I didn't want to O.D. I wanted to keep it more "Me-made".  So the napkins will make a great touch in lunches along with those heart baggies. I pack my husbands and kids lunches with those hearts for a full month before Valentines day.

A lot of baked goodies goes into my families lunches, and I like to theme  my hubbies lunches for no reason. But it just so happens it works for Valentines. (I know I am a goob.)Image
This is my hubbys lunch. Generally it's a homemade dinner, or my bread and Sexy Chicken! Yeah he even has Star Wars gummies, and Darth Vader lunch box.. It makes sound too.

For wrapping baked goods I used my stamps on paper then placed them between two sheets of wax or parchment paper. Then finished with twine. This would be great to add into a basket with your seed starters!
I have so many more things to do with this haul! I can't wait. There's those little plastic heart boxes there too... Hmmm... so many ideas in this already full chaotic head.

Remember it is the thought the counts. As in; "I think about you, I know you so well, and because I listen to you, and know what you enjoy. So I :   ___(fill in blank)_____ for you."
Because not always is jewelry, or a private flight to Paris for dinner is needed. Save those things for an average Tuesday! ;-)

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