Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sugar 'n Spice Vox Box Review

Welcome! I am a lucky lady, I received the Sugar N' Spice Vox Box from Influenster! I was pretty jazzed to see in on my door. I am really excited to share the hits and maybe misses?


The first thing I dove into was my belVita breakfast cookie. I have been very familiar with them when they first came out. I lived off them to be exact they were great on the go. So thats a no brainer new flavor cinnamon brown sugar was alright by me. The best thing is four of those cookies in a pack are a serving, and generally I am full before I get to the last one. Even better! My only draw back, is I did burn out on them in the past, but that's because I didn't get creative enough. So here are my breakfast recipes to jazz up your BelVita breakfast, or snack. These will work with almost any flavor too. In most of these recipes I only used two cookies because they are very filling, and now they last longer.

  • belVita Cookies and smashed banana. Just smash ½ a banana and spread onto your cookies. Slices work too, they just always fall off!

  • belVita Cookies and peanut butter. Double energy!

  • belVita and any Hazelnut cocoa spread. THAT'S a no-brainer.

  • belVita Parfait. Crumble BelVita on your yogurt and replace granola add fruit.

The possibilities are endless. You can use them as a base in cheese cake, crumble, or magic cookie bars!

A cool new product : Vaseline Spray and Go. Great idea, powered by compressed air (my toddler laughs when I use it because it makes a funny noise). The idea behind it is great. Spray, jump into your clothes, no drying time. No wet lotion marks. But for me it was a fail. There was not enough moisturizing properties in it to keep me feeling well, moisturized! It went on easy, rubbed in fast, dried in a flash. Yet, it was gone, my skin just ate it all up for breakfast and left none behind. I still had to add another lotion later in the day to feel less dry and itchy. It didn't cut the mustard for me! Will not be buying in the future.


Many commercials have been letting me know that I must be whitening my teeth. I have always skipped the whole strips thing because of the tooth pain that follows. Early teeth whitening gizmos with home light gadgets were just too much of a pain. Then toothpaste added whitening to their functions but did not deliver. Then there was toothpaste that just whitened but there were no health benefits to it. Well in my magic box was the full Colgate Optic White system, Toothpaste, Mouth rinse, and brush! Cool! First off, I gave the brush a go, I really did try. But once you go to electric brush, well it's just hard to go back. The science and engineering behind it I can totally understand though. There were some cool rubber whiting cups, I can see how that would work. But for me the thing was too big, it was all over the place... I just had to go back! So no worries, I am now using the product with my electric brush. Noticeable difference. It was about a week and I could see the difference.

My choice of whitener has been using a natural method along with my toothpaste which is baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. That worked wonders, but the grit did a number on my brush! So it was a nice change to let some one else mix up my hydrogen peroxide for a change. The rinse is easy to use, but don't expect any minty freshness from it. It's all foam, in a good whitening way. I still have to use an anti-cavity mouth wash in the end just so I can feel clean. But over all, the BEST whitening toothpaste that dose provide REAL oral health benefits! Will buy the tooth paste in the future.


My nest favorite is Nectresse Sweetener. Hooray monk fruit. If you haven't seen my previous post please see it here. In the market for 0 Cal sweeteners this one has a fresh new prospective. Super happy with the product... WILL BUY IN THE FUTURE!
Dickinson \'s Original Witch Hazel
I take mine to the gym!

I am a person who had been blogging about natural face products I have always use a lot of witch hazel in my bases for toners. This next company I am familiar with, and use their witch hazel. Dickinsons has put it in a towelette, with Aloe! So amazing! Witch hazel is great for soothing inflamed skin, and aloe is another great soother, together on a towelette is just happiness. I have sensitive skin and I found I can use this during any kind of skin issue (oh there can be so many some days). It did leave my skin clean, soft, and fresh. On days I use make up and I just don't want to cleanse these guys can remove the day off your mug ladies! I didn't need another one, I didn't need to pull out my bottle of witch hazel to remove the remains deep down. Because there was none! I see these guys going to the gym. They feel amazing after a sweat fest. My only problem... individually wrapped. Bummer for more waste. I would like to see them packaged like other facial wipes in a pop up container. Or make a few travel size pop ups (like those travel tissues) and sell them in one package. Like when you buy a box of baby wipes. I want to purchase these, but not until the packaging changes.

Over all it's been a great experience. Yes some of these product will change my buying habits in the future.

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