Saturday, March 30, 2013

One seam PJ's and a use for old bed sheets, a Camera phone tutorial!

Only I can take the easiest PJ tutorial, and find a short cut. But I personally am proud because I am calling it a repurpose (sneaky cheat move).

I have accidently held on to some bed sheets that just don't fit any of the beds in the house, and my eldest daughter has grown out of a set too. I also didn't want to spend any money on making PJ's pants. I had some old Nightmare before Christmas sheets and I knew I had to use them for something. I was also hanging on to a link for a 'one seam PJ tutorial' link off Pinterest. I had to give the tutorial a try before I moved to the sheets. I used some remnants I had to make my son some. He was in a growth spurt so I had to make some things to hang out in the house. Because I would be washing the few pair of nice pants constantly (he is the spit up King). They were easy to whip up. After that I was hooked! Holla! <---Said that!

The tutorial calls for a cute cuff that you can make in different but coordinated fabric. I was like, “Nuh-uuuhh, this is supposed to be The Lazy Mama's tutorial!”. Then I was like, '”Ah-ha!”. You know why? Your old flat sheets and pillow cases already come with a ready made hem, and cuff. And if you have an older nicer flat sheet might have that ribbon detail! There you go I just Lazy-ified easy! I mean I got crafty on crafty!

Lay out your fabric, or flat sheet. You will be tracing plus a bit (seam), around a pair of pants, or other PJ's. 

Fold your fabric lengthwise, this will create your first leg, and one less seam! Pa-pow!

easy one seam, ready made cuff PJ tutorial
At this moment I realized I am wearing the pants I want to trace... so it is now a, 'ass out' tutorial!

Fold your pants in half and trace and cut. You now have your pattern, use the one you have just cut, and trace again on another folded area of your fabric.


Easy! Make your own PJ pattern.
When I am winging it making my own pattern I do take a moment to pin it the two legs on top of each other just to trip up and make sure it's not all out of whack!

Now you should have two legs! Open them up, sew just the crotch on either side.

easy PJ tutorial
Open them up! Then stack them.

Easy PJ tutorial
When they the two legs are on top of each other make sure they are inside out! Because next you will start to sew.

Easy PJ tuutorial
The pins mark where you will be sewing

Easy PJ tutorial
Pins show where you will be sewing first. Remember you are only sewing the rise first.

Now fold them back so you are looking at the front of them, you now have PJ chaps! Just sew the inseam of each leg. Remember you already have your bottom seams done :-)

Easy PJ tutorial
By now you are on the radar of your kids, they will be such great helpers (ahhhh!). There ya go, the rise (crotch) sewn, and folded back to look like pants.

To make a waist band, simply fold over the width of your elastic with a little room for your seam. Too much you risk rolling elastic, to tight, well your elastic just won't fit :-) Sew all the way around leaving about an inch to feed your (measured to your PJ recipients waist) elastic through by using a safety pin.

Easy PJ tutorial
Measure your waist band.

Easy PJ tutorial
Sew around creating a waist band, leave room though! You have to thread your elastic.

Easy PJ tutorial
Sew your elastic together, before you sew up the opening.

When all the way through sew your elastic together, then sew up your hole.


Easy PJ tutorial!
Then I ran downstairs to my daughters room, only full length mirror with space. Love the haze? The toddler happened all over it! HA!Easy PJ tutorial

To see more pictures, or the tutorial with the cuff go HERE.


  1. You rock, woman! What a great idea! Now I need to go hunting around for some old sheets to do this with! :)

  2. Be careful, you might end up buying new ones just so you can hack into current ones. I am so eye balling the ones I am laying in...

  3. And I am still eye balling some curtains for a summer top. What's next?... I dare not to think about it.