Friday, June 14, 2013

Super Hero Party; Baby Boy Turns 1

My baby boy turned one in May, of course long before that I had in mind a Super Hero theme (comic book style). Of course when I was planning this resources were pretty thin! Go figure. But with lot's of scrounging around and adding a few 'store bought' add on's I was very pleased.
I spent some money on the 3D party decor (not realizing it was 3D until I was searching for the masks).  I wanted the comic book look to POP! These would really cement the theme. I picked up the large table cloths and serving wear from the Dollar Store.
Because of the Avengers movies there was a lot of Marvel Comics licensed merchandise at the Dollar Store. So all over the tables I placed little action figures. Silver Surfer surfing the red hots! Also picked up candy and  Avengers candy at the Dollar Store too.

 Some quick easy sandwiches with turkey and cheese. The best part, the signs! I found some printables online. It was nifty that there was blank ones to mark the with and without cucumber.
 Cookies for no reason, there Spidey casting the web of sugar!
These bad boys were caramel pop corn wrapped up in pages of comic books.
Having a birthday around memorial day turned out to be another Dollar Store score. These rice crispie treats are something special. I added 1/4 cup of Pillsbury's Stars and Stripes dry cake mix to the crispie mix! Also the cereal and marshmallows $1 each.

Some small details for the grown up party go-er's mimosas and strawberries! Cute glasses... Dollar Store. Also while I was out and about at Target I picked up some Superman and Batman duct tape to cover water bottles.
The gift bags is where I went Dollar Store insane. Each bag had an Avenger hand soap, a Spider Man tooth brush, Avengers wet wipes, Avengers or Spider Man crayons, and more toys. Each child received an arrival bag and a take home bag. The Arrival bag was toys they could play with at the party. Also full Dollar store finds, Avengers Frisbee, paddle balls, jig saws and such.
 These were just the best homemade detail. Using red and blue tissue paper and the printables I made these bad boys. The best part the red and blue worked with the 3D glasses.

Printed out pictures of my boy and added them on to the pom pom decor.
These buntings were super easy to make too. Again using pages from comic books, and duct tape. 
Smash cake insanity! It was Darth Vader... 
The bib (also doubles as a cap too) was a homemade no sew creation. I just bought a cheap red hand towel cut in a rounded bib/cape. Cut the back and used stick on velcro. The Superman logo I printed off a Google image search and cut out using an Exacto knife, and hot glued it on.
Yes he is about  to do a face plant. Licked it first... of course!
I must say a mini water park was great to have on hand to hose off children.

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 How sweet is that candle!
 I had to get in on the super hero thing for one thing only....

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