Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random acts of decor, a kitchen decor update using your on hand items and cheap key items.

I have been doing a lot of overhauling in my home and life. It's been amazing, and exhausting at the same time. I am on my second laptop this week (didn't realize the first one didn't have a CD drive). Just as I was getting used to the new phone, I had to throw in a laptop and windows 8. Wow, 8, bad bad bad... maybe I am just old fashioned. I like Android, and my Windows NOT trying to be Mac. I should know I have had a MacBook Air now since it appeared on the market... yeah, the first one. I never liked the thing really, it was cute when I could fit it in my purse and take it to the local coffee house on Capitol Hill. But that was a long time ago my friends.

 It hasn't just been the technology aspect of it all it's the: "I am also going to overhaul the entire house because I have a wild hair up my ass" thing. Did it all on line, never went to a store! The big stuff is coming next week... YIKES! I started in our bedroom, then the family room, the kitchen and ended in the living room.  It is not complete as I type. There a pillows in bags, boxes waiting to go out to recycling, and things are just not complete. That gives my anxiety like nothing else! But I am happy to report that My kitchen looks awesome. Nothing major in there, just mainly a decor overhaul. It's like night and day in there. Before all this started I took pictures, and I can't remember what camera ( I have 3), or what computer I may have downloaded on (we have 5 total). I told you, it has been busy town around here since I started on my son's first birthday.

I didn't want to blow the budget picking up 'stuff'. So I decided to buy a few key pieces to tie my theme or look together and then just use items already on hand. I wanted an eclectic, vintage look, using red and yellow's. So here's how it all went.

 I picked up a few awesome sale items from Hobby Lobby that really got me going. The sale item here is the vintage fan. Everything else was already in the kitchen, but I just regrouped them for a fresh look.
I like rummaging around the house and finding new homes for things. 
This fun colorful 'thing' was the other sale item. It was $10. Then I gathered up my skulls and keys. Kind of a skeleton key thing going on here. I have a collection of vintage keys that usually hang out in a bowl. But the placement of this is much higher. So putting them in a mason jar was perfect here.
I just love the bold colors!
I swear everytime I try to get things done... its just the wrong time of day. Hence the blinding light coming into the kitchen while I was trying to take photos. I also got the Coca-Cola sign for under $10. Again it was all about the color. I also moved over my tins to compliment that beautiful green The tin was a sale item from many years ago from Anthropologie (when I worked there). 
I created a little Zen garden for myself. Anything to make dishes a little bit more enjoyable. I remember  how it all started now. See that little bottle of Palmolive Soft Touch? As an Influenster member I received this product to test out. When I was creating a board for it I got distracted by kitchen decor. I got the 'bug'. But to be honest I like my Soft Touch dishwashing liquid. I am currently using the Soft Touch with vitamin E. My hands... NOT destroyed. I am happy. 

So what's in your Zen garden? This is where I have my herbs, and onions. That way I can just snip what I need and it all can grow back. I used an old vintage look can for a plant pot (cherry of course). I used and old cracked mug from Anthropologie for my scrubbers. Just fill with pebbles or beans to keep them from tipping out.
Those curtains are very old from Cost Plus, they used to be long... not any more!

My favorite projects were the vintage stars and the EAT sign. Those I did for a whole ZERO baby! 
Stay tuned for that, I will show you how to get that distressed look.

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