Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vintage 3D stars with Distressed Paint

How stinkin' cute are these!?

So I love to mash up ideas from Pinterest, so when I thought vaseline and cardboard I was a little skeptical on this mix. But hello fabulous!!!!
First using cardboard from a cereal box ( thin cardboard) cut your star out using this template (download).
Score it on the back so it will fold easier.

I like to smoosh it down each direction so I get a real good 3D effect.


Paint one coat with the color of your choice. Let dry. I used acrylic, that will dry very fast.

I dug out a little Vaseline on a disposable fork to paint it in areas I would like the bottom color to show through.

Now paint your next color. Over the Vaseline and all. Don't worry about making it perfect, it's a distressed look. And again... dry! Then using paper towel wipe off the vaseline. It can be a bit tricky, ok messy! But I bent it to get a good wipe. 

For a quick hanger I just glued lightweight ribbon on the back. String or twine would work too.

And display!

Update: If you want to make larger stars here is a tutorial on how to draw a nautical star.

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