Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's So Swaggable!

I love testing new products, I would actually rank it as a favorite hobby. But there are not that many sites out there that really come through. I have been lucky to be apart of some great sites and have been blessed with the honor of testing, and reviewing products. One of the newest networks I have been happy to be apart of is Swaggable.

You can find reboot
 at Vitamin World! 

And get MyPoints!

Swaggable is apart of the growing trend of WOM (word of mouth) sites utilizing reviewers for their reviews on social networks. On the scale of WOM to social Swaggable is more on the social side. Mostly relying on YOUR reviews with an option to share to your networks. On Swaggable you have a separate friends network built in! On Swaggable you make friends share and vote on reviews. This is an important factor, as  participation is key ;-) 

Companies have found this one of the most valuable tool. Because every one likes something for free, including companies.  You get a free product, and the company gets valuable feed back, and maybe a new customer or two. Win Win! Another great feature of the site you can also learn about the product, go to the company site and purchase too. You can also see what friends are tying them too!

My favorite place to share products, and share in the excitement is on Instagram. This is an invaluable tool for companies, and some of the funnest interactions! While I was sick I was lucky to receive a few products that were key in my recovery. As I tried products from my "Death Bed" (it was the flu, I can so say that because YOU know how bad it can get) I would post on Instagram. None of me this time, lol there were not enough filters in the world to make the flu look 'good'.  

Swaggable is definitely one of the more unique sites because of the types of products they have. There is a diverse selection of 'not so main stream' and awesome 'green' and 'eco' products. I love to browse through the unique selection and 'WANT' them. Clicking want is similar to a wish list. And if you're lucky you might be invited to try the product. So if you want it, you better get those reviews done, and make those friends. Because two lines won't cut it, it's not going to get you the next product, because you're not going to get voted up by your peers. 
Swaggable so far has been a great experience. If you would like to give it a shot come on over. Because you might just find your next favorite product. 

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