Thursday, December 12, 2013

I've been extending by blow out! Here's my secret.

This is a magical product. No. Really. I am a busy mom, and I also do not like to wash my hair daily. There's no need to. But there are days like let's say after the gym my hair needs to be freshened up. I don't have all the time in the world just for me. So if I fit in a work out, that's my one mommy thing for the day. It's the gross truth. OK calm down, I shower if its a total sweat fest lol. 
I have found a nice little trick for my hair that has kept my hair big and bouncy, full of big waves and volume. 

After a blow out I like to sleep in a bun to try to maintain it, but not always  successfuly. Now all I do is I incorporate 'Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo'. 
 At the end of the day I spray my roots, brush with a bristle brush and bun it! (Use pins, I use the Spin Pin.) Generally its off to the gym in the morning. So the bun stays. (But if you're not off to the gym you are ready to flip your hair and tousle your roots. There you go, FAB hair!) 

OK back to the gym. You had a moderate work out. An hour of the elliptical, and some weights. Not a huge sweat fest. But the roots of your hair are a bit damp. No worries, keep your bun in let your hair dry, and spray your roots. Hop in the shower (non hair wash day). All done, flip tousle and  there you go: HAIR!

"Good Morning!"
The other night I didn't sleep in my bun. Had one of those days, mommies hair was wound a bit tight. Major headache, isn't that the greatest. I still sprayed a bit and brushed out. 

When I woke up I thought I had lost the volume. So I thought I would put it to a different test. No over night bun just gym, and a shower... the results were AWESOME.
All I did was flip and tousle at the roots with my fingers.
No heavy perfume smell.

So, yeah, will be buying this again! The best thing... price. I had no idea how much it was because I received mine from Influenster for testing purposes. when it worked so well I was a little nervous. I was really thinking THIS had to be  pricey. Um NO! Check it out:

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