Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dawn of a New Budget, Part 2 & 3

DIY Softener

This one has to be one of my favorite things to make. Laundry softener! There are so many possibilities. I love to stock up at The Dollar Store with conditioner so I can have a few scents on hand at all times. My husband does not want to smell like a cherry blossom like I do, so I keep some thing fresher for him.

Gather your ingredients:

  •  2 cups conditioner

  •  3 cups white vinegar

  •  6 cups hot water

(Conditioner tip: 2 cups is 16oz. So check your bottles. The VO5 is 15 ounces, but I keep all my left overs from the Suave 22.5 ounces . I cant stress enough, get funnels to put your left overs together and pour your ingredients. The Three pack I have is from the Dollar Store, and they are quality! Going to add the last of that VO5 in that Suave bottle and  I am going to use it :-)


Laundry softener is a "Gateway DIY", because now with your completed product you can now make two more things that can cost you!

Replace your dryer sheets! You know how they get the fragrance to stay on there? Animal fat, thats what is rubbing all over your kids clean clothes. Might as well just toss some scented bacon in there. I use homemade dryer balls but today I am going to whip up my rainbow batch and make some reusable dryer sheets. Here goes....

I make it in a big Dollar Store jug. Just add and stir. Thats it. It makes my laundry soooooo soft, especially when used with Home made laundry soap :-)

But you don't have to stop there, now you can do a few more little tasks...

DIY dryer sheets

Now I use dryer balls, but here in Colorado it's dry.... beyond dry in January. So static has decided to appear in the worse way. I am using an added DIY dryer sheet this month, because well I lost my wool yarn, can't make more balls!  Above we just made a batch of DIY softener. Well don't put it away.

You will need:

  • Fabric softener, store bought, or your DIY

  • Rags, cut up towel, or Dollar Store towels to cut in to pieces about the size of a dryer sheet. Bigger will be better, longer lasting.

Dunk, give them a soak to make sure it's really in there. Squeeze out a little so they are not a sloppy mess I place on a plate, or plastic bag to start drying before I hang them to dry. I don't want them dripping every where. And there you go. That is it. They will last a few washes, so you really only have to do a couple at a time. :-)

Don't put away that softener!

I have one more project: Febreze.

  • 1/8 cup of Fabric softener

  • 2Tbs Baking soda

  • Hot water

Add ingredients to your old fabric spray bottle, then just fill the rest with water. My bottle is a Glade bottle which is 22 Fl. OZ. Any of those bottles will work.

OK, if you don't have laundry to do... you can put your softener away now.

**Dryer balls will be a separate post.... I lost my yarn and I don't want to buy another one. trying to save money here people!


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