Sunday, April 21, 2013

An Oopsie bread lunch idea.

I have some Oopsie bread left over and I wanted to keep it light today. I also am still running on this low-no and Paleo inspired cooking spree (Oopsie bread goes in the low carb category). So for this lunch inspiration I grabbed a little of every thing from the pantry. Now if you are seriously thinking going Paleo you want every thing to be organic/free range/grass fed. I have to clear out my pantry first before I go shopping again I don't like to waste food. Ask my husband about that, he has to eat all the left overs for his work lunches. Also Fridays will be leftover day, or Sunday afternoon. those tend to be the days I just need a rest!  Myself I have a strange aversion to eating leftovers. Although I know I cooked it, and I enjoyed it (first time around), I just can't do it. My Mum is that way too, strange thing to pass along. 

Oopsie Bread (or for Paleo: Almond) Lunch

1 small can Light tuna, Salmon would be nice.

Jalapeno peppers or green chillies  (or both), as much as you can handle.

Olives (any kind), as many as you want.

Juice from lemon or lime if you are doing the full can  of tuna about 1 Tablespoon

Fresh Cilantro, chopped about 1 Tablespoon

Avocado, 1/2
Combine all ingredients except avocado, and cilantro. 

ImageI smashed my avocado separately because I wanted it more on the chunky side.

Gently mix in you avocado.

Then add your fresh cilantro (yay to my indoor herb garden!)

This was wonderful on Oopsie Bread (try it!), and I can't wait to try it on Almond  Bread. 


  1. My husband has been eating low-carb for a while. I'm going to have to try making oopsie bread. Sounds tasty. So does this yummy recipe. Now I'm getting hungry! :)
    I have to tell you, you made me laugh out loud while reading your post. My mind is apparently in the gutter. You meant to type clear out my pantry first, but it's typed "clear out my panty first". lol I was like WHAT? TMI!!! LOL! Sorry. I couldn't resist pointing that out. ;) heehee

  2. hey its spelled right! We all need to clear out our knickers from time to time.

  3. LOL, you have to join me here, we just keep having random conversations on each others blogs.

  4. I know. But it's fun so that's ok. :)