Sunday, May 12, 2013

Make body wash from ANY bar of soap!

Many moons ago I tried a popular pin on Pinterest on how to use Dove bars to make body wash. Sounded simple enough, 3 bars, 6 cups of water. Of course I always try to do thing my way... cheaper! I did and with great success. I found the Kroger equivalent for half the price of Dove bars! Score. Not only did I save 50% off the original pin I have been stocked for months! 
I was reading many of the issues and questions from the original recipe, and many asked if you could use other bars. So I decided to take that challenge. I also decided to fix the main problem that many were having  the after product hardening to body butter after the first initial over night set... PROBLEM SOLVED.
Of course in The Cherry Mama fashion I am going to make this frugal too.
For my experiment I am using 1/3 of the original recipe to test it out. I have a bar of Yardley Lander soap from The Dollar Store I had picked up some time ago. This will be my test soap. 

How to:

Not as easy as laundry bars! (1 bar to try it) (3 bars to make 48+ ounces)

On medium, slowly, stir to prevent clumps.(2 cups to try it) (6 cups to make 48+ ounces)

(If you are making the full batch have 5 to 6 jars ready, with air tight lids)
One Mason jar was just short, should of used the pickle jar. Thats OK, a baby food jar will hold my extra. So should of used that big pickle jar to the left!

No longer do you need to wait over night. I stuck mine in the fridge. In a few hours it was ready. (I still ended up waiting over night because I had already showered and I was also cooking at the same time)

Just attach one whisk to your hand mixer. Hold on tight to your jar. 
Make sure you get all the way to the bottom. You will now have a nice thick consistency like conditioner. ( I would say mix the jar you are going to be using, let the other just chillax in their jars until you are ready to use them. Store in a cool pantry or cupboard)
Pour! (well scoop and squeeze)
I knew my funnel would get clogged, and it doesn't really 'pour'. 
 A make-shift icing bag worked great. One sandwich bag, snip the tip, insert, and gently squeeze! Depending on what you are transferring into you will have left overs. 
Do not over fill your baggie unless you have extra bottles ready to go.  
I am saving my extras to go with the other left overs in the baby food jar. 

I used a 16 OZ shampoo bottle so I can squeeze it on to my loofa.

I am so happy with this mix. It foamed great  on the loofa under the shower. It was nice and thick I can shave my legs with it. I will definitely do the full recipe for sure next time. Or just keep playing with different brands of soap.

Just remember 1 bar, 2 cups of water, 2 bars, 4 cups, 3 bars, 6 cups of water! Keep the pattern alive if you choose to go nut and do a whole 12 pack. (Go nuts I say.)

* Also I can solve another problem the commenters had on the below post about slime. I found this is from too much water! I had that happen to me. So it's OK if it hardens, mix it up, don't re-cook it and add water. 

Here is one of the many post about making DIY body wash, but this is where I got the inspiration  for my post to try  and fix all the questions and issues from the comments.


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