Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Running, H.I.I.T's, and a little help with shoe inserts?!

I have a bad back, apparently. But instead of going to countless doctors, and popin' pills I have taken a different route. I see one doctor, he is a bone mover, crusher, and cracker. I speak of the art form of human on human origami called chiropractic-ing? I say origami because there is this one maneuver where my knees and elbows are all 'counter-wonky'. Its now something I look forward to. Sick I know. 
After having my bones shaken out I needed another plan of action. I don't believe sitting idly around stuffing food in my face blaming the world because I am miserable and over weight. No. That's not me. I have always been healthy, and after two  kids, I take back my body. Just this pain in the back issue was getting a little to severe.
So my plan of action was work out, get those muscles strong to hold together my very mad skeleton. And it worked. I ran like the dickens. I ran fast, and for short periods of time. Then I stopped, and then I dropped and did 20, then I ran again, dropped and did some mountain climbers. I did this bizarre flurry of activity in different forms over and over again. The first few times I will admit, died people, just died! But it was over fast, and I reaped the benefits for a long time. Sill am. Look up H.I.I.T's and do it ;-)

The hardest thing to over come was the toe pain! The worse I tell you. I had sleeping toes, and sharp pain toes. Just very angry toes. I bought new shoes, dropped like $180 thinking this was a magical cure, had to be. Yeah no. So back to the drug store to scope out orthopedics. I was buying some strange things like mole skin, and toe pads. eeesh. 

But oh my lucky stars I qualified for a mission from Influenster. They sent me one pair of Dr. Scholl's Active Series inserts. Now after using some strange orthopedic practices, and also having my leg yanked several times by Dr.Jim I was willing to try anything. Here's my first first impression in a video:

After that it was time for a test run. I figured I would do some casual endurance ... jogging, some call it. They were easy to cut to fit. Easy to slip into the shoe. So how did it feel? The inserts do not take up any more room than the insert that came with my over priced shoe :-)
After two days of running I notice NO angry toe. My back and neck did not become stiff. I did not ache the day after like I had just been in a car accident. 
I can happily say that these inserts do stand up to the hype. I am on board with this product.  My best recommendation would be great for new runners. Because when you start to run your body hates you. Until your body gets used to the shift you will want two less things mad at you, your feet. These inserts have helped ease the pain in my bones. Running is awesome! 
(Click to save at Walmart!)
  • Reduces shock by 40%
  • Designed with Triple Zone Protection for your ball of foot, arch, and heel
  • Helps relieve and prevent pain from shin splints, runner's knee and plantar fasciitis
  • Helps reduce foot odor with SweatMax™ technology

I have been compensated for my review from influenster with one pair of Dr. Scholls Active Series. This is my personal, and honest review.

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