Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dollar Store, and Re-purposing Organization

I love dollar or less projects. I hoard handy things. With two toddlers in my family of five, nap times just aren't enough. But I love when I get a whole day, and I am project minded, and I have enough coffee in me. My first project was rescue my drawers from my tank tops. The season is ending, and most of them generally go in one of those plastic bins with drawers in my closet. I have always hated this ritual. Because when I am searching for a specific color they all just end up in a wad. So it's time to take action! I have seen a great handy dandy hanger thing but as much as I want one I figured I could rig something for a dollar or two.

One thing you can never have enough of are curtain rings, or plastic rings used on baby toys.(I have tons of those too.) Using shower rings and a wall hanger I could store multiple tanks for $2. But if you are anything like me, you have more than the average person because you buy two of every color for every top. Aaaand.. you have cotton, lace, ribbed, smooth, and shelf bra tanks. I am on a whole other level. I used a space saver for hangers combines with shower rings. They can be made into a figure 8. I did it like this is because it gives more room to maneuver. I tried every which way and I ended up using the space saver and ring combo for all my tanks.

They are fun to play with, once you start rigging you'll start to figure out more ideas. This is also great for scarfs too. If you have over the door hangers you might find the back of your door a little crowded, unless you use another little Dollar Store gem. I found this over the door holder that holds five shower rings. It also folds down, so you can open your door (fancy that).

Remember that plastic bin thing I was talking about. They have become a bad habit in my life. They become a catch all, and not great for organizing at all. I still want to make use of space though! Under the bed storage is great for shoes and boots. Boots live there until its time to transition to the closet for winter. But there's still the issue of flats. They are year round, and take up a lot of space. Flats fit in the drawers pretty well, but I just wanted that THING out of my closet. I wanted to create usable storage under the bed. It just so happens the bottom of the bed is the best space for these three drawers. They function like drawers so they are easy access for those every day shoes. but hidden like storage drawers.

 There is that remaining frame left over... of course I found a way to use that! If you forget to take
your reusable grocery bags as much as I do I am sure you have a collection of plastic bags at home. I have a stash under every sink for trash bags. Then theres the balloon bags of bags in my kitchen pantry that I keep meaning to take back to the store. Go figure I forget those as much as the reusable ones. But I just can't toss them when I know they are recyclable. This handy dandy frame in the garage right by my car is a great place to stash them, and a great way to remind me to grab some as I leave. I also hang my totes on the out side (using plastic rings)so I don't forget those! It's actually working. There are still days I forget to put my totes back out there so there will always be a need for this little repuropsed 'thing'. But it's a good thing.

Got cheap plastic pant hangers around the house? Got some garden shears or strong scissors (like ├╝ber strong)? Make lot's and lot's of bag clips! They work for chips, bags inside of boxes, and even in the freezer for those runaway frozen veggies.
Another broken down household item I saved was from an flat screen console. It came with canvas boxes that my son insisted on siting in. So I had to get baskets to replace them! I saved the canvas drawers for my kitchen pantry. Great to corral all the snacks. The kitchen pantry can be a nightmare. But adding a few of these along with some dollar store wire baskets helped a lot. Even when it starts to get messy the food stays organized. Somewhat protected from the dumping
ground it can become.

 Too many chargers, USB cables, cameras, camcorders, and everyday 'wot-not'? I love these Dollar Store shoe organizers. They sure don't fit shoes, but its great on the back of the kitchen door in the hub of all the action. I am able to grab a camcorder, or a quick point and shoot. Then know where the cable is when it's time to transfer. It keeps everything from being a tangled mess. Since I live in the kitchen I keep and extra mouse in there for my laptop too. I will always know where all my tech stuff is.

This is another one of my: 'I will keep stuff because it will be handy later thingies'! I had one of those laundry sorters, but I now have no room in the new house. But I kept the bags around. I also had this trash can that was missing the lid for hangers in the laundry room. Essentially taking up space, didn't really need the hangers in there. 

This now lives under my sink for my dirty kitchen towels. When it is full I just remove the bag.When full, it is larger load, then I don't have to find stuff I don't mind washing with kitchen towels.  I can wash the bag then refill it with clean and carry it back. Efficient all around.
Tension rods, and shower curtain rods, I have many after the move, and I am glad that I kept them. My 1/2 bath is 1/2 laundry room; also the guest bathroom, and where my little pup pups sleep. All this in one small room. A quick fix was actually dividing the room. I don't need guest staring at my laundry area, so a tension rod and a left over curtain panel was a great fix. Recognize it? It's the third panel from this home refresh. You can also tell I am into my red's, yellows and clashing. Its also where I put some fun art pieces from the kids. But behind the curtain is where the laundry magic happens. Two shower curtain rods gave me room to hang right out of the dryer. It cuts down on how much I have to steam/iron when I am able to hang immediately. Before I had no room and it was a disaster pile. I hung my old Copy Cat mirror project in there because one of the mirrors bit the dust when I took it down to dust. You know what they say about adding mirrors to a room to make it feel bigger... does not work in this case. I tried. 

This one isn't anything new, but I started it so long a go. See the original paper, that's from another re-purpose post! I wish I could find that paper again. I finally remembered to save boxes to finish it! I am still far from doing the amount of drawer organizers I need. But one major drawer is done-ish. The best boxes are not always cereal boxes but larger frozen food boxes, and snack tray boxes. They are good for bulky objects in your utensil draw!
This was a total freebie. These two buckets were 'found objects'. As  in 'found in my back yard'. Cleaned up they make great counter clutter catchers! The best thing about the metal buckets is also a safety measure. I can curl my hair and not accidentally set it on something melt-able. I am VERY good at that. It also keeps it up off the counter from little hands. They are always around my ankles so I am super paranoid. 
May all your Dollar Store finds be awesome!
Re-purpose on my friends!

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