Thursday, June 26, 2014

I've been cheating on Instagram

What can I say blog, I have been cheating on you with Instagram. And I loved every minute,  it's just  faster for my fast paced life. I have just had no time. Still a SAHM, a gym rat, and boxer. But now add Health & Sports Nutrition, and Personal Trainer.
I have been hitting boys again.... (#sorrynotsorry).
And chilling with my gains...
Eating good, watching a lot of boxing...
I did manage to get dry clothes on....
And then this happened ...
And I am wet again! This day I gave out three black eyes. Umm.. go me.
 Sparring Fridays and Saturdays get dangerous. *Giggle*

Which brings me back to here. Chilling with my gains. I love power lifting, look at those thighs! 
Thigh day Fridays!

So there's a quick update in pictures.
 Next up; I will be sharing some Instagram hits to help you hit your Macros!
 What you thought I was going to make a boxing pun there? 
Nah, I just roll with the punches. 

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