Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dawn of a New Budget, Part 4: Bad Ass Balls

Dryer balls are easy, and safe.

Dryer Balls! You know how awesome they are? Well if you don't it's time to find out. They will be the easiest thing to make, and fast too. Except when it jumps out of your hands and a toddler runs off with it... just follow the string. The best part about them is they are re-useable, natural, shorten dryer time, save energy, and don't contain gross things like animal fat like your dryer sheets. All you need is a ball of 100% wool. You can get yourself some at Wal-Mart for about $7. Last few times I was there they were gone, so I went to Michael's, the same thing was over $11! Lame! BUT... I did find some yarn that was 100% wool, and on the front said great for felting. AND... on sale for $4, another bonus I got to choose a color. I chose the ball with all the colors in it. I got about 3 balls out of this, which is perfect because I am adding it to the three I made out of the Fisherman's Wool from Wal-mart. Which by the way will make more, I made some for me and some for my Mom :-)


I love these colors, because it's ALL of them.

First start wrapping it around your two fingers.

Dryer Balls save you energy!

Did my balls my 7 month old son watched Super Why!

Then take off your finger, and wrap it in the middle, now you have a bow tie looking thing.

Dryer balls are easy to make!

Now just go to town start wrapping and it will  build into a ball.

Dryer ball how- toDryer Ball

A good size is about a tennis ball, mine are not all the same at all. They will last you for years, but will decrease in size over time.

Dryer ball

At the end just wrap the end around itself a few times and pull tight, then a small knot. All done, now repeat!  Time to felt.

Just place in size some old nylon panty hose, or a zipper bag. These are great agitators to felt. Toss it in with a load of laundry on HOT. Some yarns felt differently, some do not require hot. I just stick to the hot method just so I know it will get done. Then toss into the dryer with your load, again HOT. Still keep in your hosiery ball, you are still felting. Make sure this load though you do not use a dryer sheet. You do not want that animal fat to transfer on to your lovely natural balls. Once out of the dryer, open up your package and gaze upon your fuzzy balls ;-)

Felting dryer balls

Tie a knot in between each ball too.

The best thing about the dryer balls you can scent one or more with essential oils. I use a lot of tea tree and lavender. Depending on whose load it is. I use 6 balls, and only one scented, thats enough for me. I use about 10 drops on one. You can experiment because it does fade after a few washes. Just make sure you are using 100% essential oils. Now you will have some awesome smelling laundry, with aromatherapy benefits with out the headache of chemicals.

Put your balls to work!

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