Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Protein, Caffeine, and Nectresse, Oh My!


I had forgot I pinned a great breakfast shake, I finally got to make it last week. It's now a morning staple. It's important to get food in your belly with in an hour of waking up. But in my house and many other busy households it can be tough. With in the first 20 minutes of getting up my husband and I are baby wrangling, and convincing a 2 year old to get out of bed. Hubby helps me and gets himself ready, while I fly down stairs and get the kids their juice. Our baby boy is not content until he slams a good 8 ounces of juice. Then it's a battle to find my little girl a breakfast to go. Mean while I am just desperate to get some coffee. But first its get my hubby his caffeine and a breakfast to go thing of sorts because he has his commute and drops of the toddler at play school two days a week! Even after they are all gone I am still feeding my 9 month old boy which is the same size as the 2 year old. The breakfast menu for my baby dude is extensive. Whew.. well if I can shove enough food in front of him, I get a chance to sit and have ... what? Well luckily I found my new staple in the mornings:

Adapted from Fit is the new black.


♠  2 handfuls of ice

♠ 1 scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein powder. I use a vanilla flavored vegan brand, that has 22 grams of protein per scoop. That’s half of the protein I need for the day!

♠ 1/2 frozen banana

♠ 1 cup of brewed coffee-choose whatever flavor you like

♠ 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk- I like unsweetened almond milk because it’s dairy free, provides extra protein, is creamy, and only 35 calories. However, you can totally use whatever type of milk you want.

♠Nectresse to taste. I actually add it to my coffee like I am going to be drinking it before I add it to the blender. I don't want to over do it! I was originally not using any sweeteners because I have found that they all can be overwhelming and they do not enhance any flavor.

Add all ingredients to blender and go to town! I pour it into a blander bottle because it make a lot and the blender aeration adds to the volume. It is very filling, and I now have breakfast and coffee in a better for me way.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ng5y_XqDNk&w=560&h=315]


I just started using Nectresse, it is from the makers from Splenda. I will have to say I was slightly weary because I have not been a fan of zero calorie sweeteners unless it was a Stevia type but some times I found even that was too much. I had received my sample in my VOXBOX from Infuenster. After trying it out in my coffee I was surprised. I tasted my coffee, NOT sweetener. I tried it in my tea's which is a tough test to pass. I like a lot of fruit teas, and strong herbal teas and they are best with agave. But sometimes agave or honey can be too sweet, and added calories. Nectresse did the job with out over powering my tea! After all those basic tests I am ready to use in my protein shake.  The best part is that I am also using less sweetener too. You only have to use 1/4 teaspoon for every teaspoon you use! It must be that monk fruit, Nectresse is made with  Monk fruit and 100% natural. I am very happy with the final results, and will continue to use Nectresse.

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