Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fruity Protein Breakfast, and yes, caffeine.


I totally forgot I have my Fruitein , just sitting in my pantry. Silly me I forgot it was a high protein energy shake. Yeah, time to mix it up, and blend it up. I highly recommend this for when you are sick of Vanilla and Chocolate Protein shakes. As summer comesit's time to lighten the flavor woth more fruit. I found a lot of other chocolate and vanilla protein shakes have a strange after taste. That's why I started blending them into shakes!

Now carrying the tradition of caffeinated breakfast shakes heres one I threw together this morning.

Fruiten and Coffee smoothie

When I am not in a rush, aka I remembered to order before I run out I will always try to get Natures Plus
Fruitein is an all-natural vegetarian blend of complete protein and complex carbohydrates. In addition to providing 100% of the Daily Values for all vitamins and most minerals, each delicious glass of Fruitein supplies a complete profile of enzymes in a highly nutritious whole food and herbal base, including spirulina, Korean ginseng, Spanish bee pollen, young barley leaves, oat bran, pineapple, papaya, and a variety of other fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Mix with water or milk.


6-8 Ounces of Coffee straight black

6 ounces of milk, your choice. Non-dairy or skim the better for you :-)

1/2 a Banana

Hand full of strawberries, any berries!

2 handfuls of ice 

Blend that sucker! It makes a lot,  I should of shared this with the hubby,( sorry babe). Me, I just worked on it all morning. I had no snack cravings at all! I will see if I will have endless energy because my Fruitein drink is loaded with the good stuff, and coffee on top... :-D

Well my kidlets are up (I know! they slept in. Bonus, look I am writing) time to go put my drink to the test!


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