Monday, March 18, 2013

Better than beach hair; 'Boulder Waves Spray'!

Boulder Waves

Well I had to try it a few times to make sure it wasn't a fluke. But my stick straight hair has been transformed into something amazing. Wavy, and soft.  It's been an incredible, I am truly in shock. It all started with my homemade shampoos and conditioners. Those were fine and dandy, and then I fell for coconut milk. That was better... but had an even better idea! I'm going to to combine the whole kit and caboodle. 
Better than Beach Hair; 'Boulder Waves' ! 
I usually have stick straight hair thats heavy. Not any more!

I stepped out of the shower with wavy hair before the scrunching the scrunching. I had to keep this, I was afraid of loosing the wave.  Because my hair is so thick I was afraid it would dry straight from the weight. I have tried the "beach hair" leave in sprays. Didn't do anything (mainly because I have straight hair) but it was so drying! I had found a couple of popular DIY beach hair sprays, but both had salt, and the other gel! Yuck! I was all dry and sticky. 

After trying my Coconut-poo I was hooked, but it left a heavier feel, so I decided to use a DIY conditioner I was using before and loved to help lighten the feel. The ACV helped break up the heavy and it added the curl without the rubber feel of when I was using it with  my old DIY shampoo. A side note: I had noticed this curling action before using my DIY ACV rinse with a DIY shampoo, but it was so rubbery and too many tangles to let it dry like that. So I had to rake out, but my hair dried soft! The shampoo although used Castile soap like coconut-poo it seemed to have too many rubbery agents! So I kept the ACV rinse for the wave and added the coconut-poo for softness.  How crazy in the natural realm that shampoo and conditioner does each others job?! Then adding my spray for a natural moisturizing hold. BAM BABY! It held for days. At night putting up on top of my head. Then in the morning just a light re-spray with a light scrunch and done! 

So heres my regimine:

Coconut-poo From my earlier post.


 2.5 cups of hot water

 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (Organic, with the 'mother')

 1/4 sprig of rosemary

 1 bag of your favorite herbal tea, for fragrance

Start by towel drying, using a scrunching method, squeeze hard. But as I scrunched I gently rubbed strands of hair between my fingers. The towel created some friction to make larger waves instead of the scrunched only look. What will totally rock is those towel gloves, saw some at the dollar store;-) There is no need to use a hair dryer, I tend to avoid it. But if you are in a rush use it on warm, low, with a diffuser.  Below is a great example of that fly away, pillow hair I got when I used a warm dryer. When I used the diffuser it gave me this at the roots. LOVED IT!! I also tried using a cold setting, great results too, a lot more smooth. 

*image from

 Use the spray the day after to keep the bump in the hair. The first time I washed I didn't use it. It stayed over night. But the aloe is a great moisturizer and a natural hairspray. But I now use it the same day while scrunching.
Better than beach hair!!! BOULDER WAVES!
I found some nice rough wash cloths to scrunch the hair with.
 They really absorb and create amazing texture.

Boulder Waves Spray

1 cup water , best used filtered, or boil some up if you have hard water!

1/2 cup Aloe Juice- a natural conditioner,

1Tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)- provides natural nutrition, great for adding shine, great anti-dandruff benefit, the oils and proteins in coconut oil work well to help keep hair from losing protein, which is one of the major contributors to hair breakage and hair loss 

Water from 1 can of Coconut Milk (Do Not shake can)-great for rehydrating hair, Contains organic compounds possessing growth promoting properties. It's a pain I know, but crack that can open and scoop it out from around the edges of the can. It doesn't have to be perfect. A scant table spoon will do.

5 vitamin E Capsules- promotes growth, decreases sun damage.

2Tbsp Vegetable Glycerin- It has strong humectant properties, meaning it is able to retain moisture, great for dry flaky scalps 

20drps Tea Tree Essential Oil (Optional for oily hair) - This oil moisturizes the hair and minimizes oil production of the scalp, preventing greasy looking hair and leaving the scalp clean and dandruff-free. I used it anyway, it is fresh and good for you. Goes great with the clove.

20drps Thyme Essential Oil- promotes healthy scalps, gives a natural shine, prevents hair loss 

***Update: You can exclude certain oils if you have oily, or thick hair!  The Aloe and glycerine are AMAZING as a humectant. I make sure I always add coconut oil though. Some times I switch it out for the vitamin E. You might feel both oils can be too heavy. But never fear! Work through some baking soda! I tried it, I was a little worried, but it is a cleansing method. I started on my under layers just using my fingers. Cool stuff, and have fun experimenting.

I keep it in a nice misting bottle and the remainder in a jar and fill as I go. I store in a cool place, but I put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds before I use it. You need to re-melt  the coconut oil! Shake before each use.

Now for that sultry, I just hung out at the ski lodge scent in front of the fire:

A few drops of clove. Not as heavy as it seems. Mixed in to the bottle it combines with the tea tree, and thyme beautifully. 

For the romantic Pearl Street Mall Free spirit scent:

A few drops of Rose, and a couple of Patchouli. This will be my next batch.

Boulder Waves 
This was like the 2nd or third day!

So why Boulder hair? Well I am land locked in Colorado! I was thinking about those days snowboarding, my hair getting wet, then drying in the lodge. I would still have it in braided pig tails so I would undo them when I went out for beers on Pearl St. My hair was amazing. I was also in my early 20's. But having those soft waves just reminded me of a day of snow boarding, camp fires, and beers.  Not a day on the beach :-) 

Always buy Organic when possible!

Vitamin E Capsule Conversion

      1 gram = 3/4 teaspoon
      1 capsule (or tablet) = 250 ml
      1 gram = 4 capsules

      1 capsule = 1/4 gram = 3/16 teaspoon
      2 capsules = 1/2 gram = 6/16 or 3/8 teaspoon
      3 capsules = 3/4 gram = 9/16 teaspoon
      4 capsules = 1 gram = 12/16 or 3/4 teaspoon
              1 ounce = 28.35 grams = 21.26 teaspoons = approx 7 tablespoons


  1. Gorgeous! I can't wait to get all the ingredients needed to try it out! :)

  2. you have to let me know how it goes... I am still in aww of my own hair. All for Science!