Sunday, March 10, 2013


I'm on a roll like a coconut down a moderately steep but short grassy hill. What!? I don't  get on  much of a roll too often. But like I said previously, I am back on my coconut using and consuming kick again, this time I am adding coconut milk to the mix. I have been making my own shampoo and conditioner, but since I had all this coconut milk I wanted to try some thing else. I also messed up my last batch, possibly put too much oil, or added it twice in the 'poo'. I don't know. So this is a perfect time to try.

Coconut Milk Shampoo 

My hair is in a grow out stage, I am taking biotin, pre-natal, and just about anything else I can find. My hair is growing fast, and oh how the natural red is coming out. I have the most naturally  mashed up hair color. It looks like dark dirty dishwater ash blonde, but that's a cool color right... but with red?! Yeah, awesome, then as it grows out its super blonde at the ends. I have that 'natural-Carrie-"Ombre"-hair'.  But heavy, and stick straight with some odd waves in my under layers where it's the thickest. Did I mention I haven't had it trimmed, and I have some crazy layers from past 'damage control chopping sessions'. With all that said commercial hair products were not fixing any type of damage, wasn't smoothing any hair. I couldn't naturally dry because my layers would just get all wonky.  I have found that natural homemade shampoos and conditioners really lay my hair flat, and seals the hair shaft to produce the shine.  I have been using Bragg's ACV (apple cider vinegar) for conditioner. I don't bother mixing it either I just dump it in, let it sit while I shower and rinse under cooler water (generally as I start to loose my hot water I start to rinse). Works! No it really friggin' works. I read many peoples reactions to this concoction (notes further down about that), and I will add  mine: Not too shabby! You do not need a conditioner after. I am going to try with oil oil, and maybe coconut oil. My thicker hair does feel very heavy and I am not sure if it's the olive oil. The original recipe called for vitamin E, almond, or olive oil. I passed on E because I was thinking it would be even more heavy to mix, and rinse. My top layers are not as smooth as I like as if I used my ACV, so next time I will coco-poo, and ACV rinse!

DIY coconut milk Shampoo/Conditioner 
Oh no! I ran out of liquid soap! I swiped my kids lavender baby shampoo, score! Not what I really wanted to use but its gentle.


1/4 cup coconut milk

1/3 cup liquid castile soap (I used Dr. Bronner's lavendar soap, if you use a bar, grate  use a slow boil, then simmer with your coconut milk to ensure a good mix) or gentle/organic baby shampoo/wash

1 tsp olive oil, Vitamin E, or Almond oil (go with out if you have oily hair)

(10-20 drops essential oil -if you used an unscented soap)

Squirt bottles like a condiment bottle works great. I just reused my empty liquid castile bottle. Shake to blend, and shake before use. Natural ingredients will settle. Remember liquid castile soap does not foam as much as commercial soaps. No chemicals! So I like to section my hair and work each area from scalp to tip adding more if needed. 

So why all the extra 'heads-up' on this one? Well like I said there have been a lot of feed back around the web about a 'detox-period' where your hair will feel waxy but it will pass. But no one has clarified if they were using commercial before or not. My other homemade recipe is also used with liquid castile soap so it must be a coconut milk thing? I am still going to stick with it to use it all up! I am not too bothered about the slight heaviness because it aids as a protectant for when I curl or straighten with an iron. Things to know about any natural DIY shampoo or conditioner is:

  • Don't double the recipe unless you wash everyday (not recommended no matter what you use) because some ingredients require refrigeration.

  • Even after using a ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar) conditioner you won't feel super smooth right away like commercial conditioners (those are the chemicals at work). ACV balances your hair, seals your shaft back to what I call; it's natural normal state.

  • Use a wide tooth comb and fingers, and air dry, or cool dryer. As your hair dries you will start to feel how soft your hair is.

  • Give it time, and make time. The first time devote time to see what your hair does after a natural dry! And your hair needs time to adjust too. 

  • You don't always have to add EO (essential oils). Liquid castile soap smells awesome if you get a scented. 

  • EO is not just for scent, they also have serious function! So unless you know what you need your concoction to do best use scented liquid castile soap or lavender EO.

Here is an EO guide for hair care 

Basil: Oily hair Promotes growth by stimulating circulation Basil
Chamomile: Fine to normal hair Gives golden highlights and sheen Conditions hair Soothes inflamed scalp Helps scaly scalps and psoriasisChamomile
Cedarwood: Normalizes dry and oily scalp Stimulates scalp and hair follicles Used to treat hair loss and dandruff Antiseptic and astringentCedarwood
Clary Sage: All hair types Dandruff treatmentClary Sage
Eucalyptus: Antiseptic Dandruff treatmentEucalyptus
Lavender: All hair types Scalp treatment for itchiness and dandruff Helps balance natural scalp oils Soothes scalp and calms hair Promotes hair growthLavender
Lemon: Oily hair Gives golden highlights Treatment for dry scalp and dandruff Helps balance natural scalp oilsLemons
Lemongrass: Oily hair Slows down scalp oil productionLemongrass
Myrrh: Dry hair Treatment for dry scalp and dandruffMyrrh
Patchouli: Oily hair Dandruff treatmentPatchouli
Peppermint: Dry hair Promotes growth by stimulating circulationPeppermint
Rosemary: Oily hair Dandruff treatment Promotes hair growthRosemary
Sage: Clarifies scalp scalp clarifiers Helps heal scalp problems such as psoriasisSage
Tea Tree: Oily hair Treatment for dry scalp, dandruff and liceTea Tree
Thyme: Antiseptic Stimulates blood flow Invigorates scalp to help with hair lossThyme
Ylang Ylang: Oily hair Antiseptic Dandruff treatment Soothing Stimulates hair growthYlang Ylang
EO guide Source


  1. Yay! I love this! We're stinkin' broke right now, as my husband doesn't have a "permanent" job at the moment. So I've been trying to conserve, and make things from scratch (even more than I normally do). I have a few cartons of hemp milk that I got on clearance from the health food store because they were nearing the expiration date. The problem is, after buying them, we realized we can't stand hemp milk! So now they are expired and I was wondering if there was something else I could use them in (that we wouldn't be eating or drinking). Do you think I could substitute the coconut milk from your recipe for hemp milk? Anyway, I'll be making this! And pinning it too for sure! :)

  2. The thing is about Hemp milk it doesn't have the properties of coconut milk. THis formula is really based around coconuts and its ahhh-mazing properties. Just a heads up, I get my coconut milk from the Dollar Store!!!!!