Saturday, August 3, 2013

One hour Antro Hack, that turned into something better.

This little ditty is about trying something new. Challenging my craft skills, and getting inspired. About taking that moment and giving it a good try! 
 I saw this pin from Anthro. I was like Ugh!  It's just not that cute, too pink ,so overpriced, so mass produced. Not for me my friends. So I was all like, "I can make that." (I know, how random I didn't even like it!) Well maybe, I have never done a jewelry challenge.
 I didn't have everything on hand. And I was not going to buy things for an Anthro 'Inspired' moment. So I dug deep into my pile of crap.( I keep lots of jewelry for their recycling purposes). And I started to pull stuff apart.
Heres what I started with. Didn't have the same, but that doesn't matter, it's an 'inspired' moment.
I ended up going more BoHo with this. Something I would wear!  I was digging around looking for some sort of chord. I found some scraps from my Mens Tee refashion. So cut the strips and braided them. 
There's nothing like an Anthro Hack challenge and beer to create something that you like.  
Go through your old jewelry, break it up. You do not have to be a jewelry maker. 
Just MaCgyver your way through.
OK, now I am warmed up, I can't wait to try this again. 
I have ideas of things to add to this, and I like the t-shirt element.
 Do you do mini challenges to get good at something?
Or, are you just a Rock Star already?

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