Sunday, November 17, 2013

Easy Denim Skirts For All Seasons

I have wanted to do this for a long time! But like we all do, I add it to the craft wish list that is a mile long! Right? Mine is, please say yours is too, so I feel better. Thanks.

The great thing about this skirt is that I used jeans that were too big or just plain unflattering now.  We must purge these bad things from our life. My first one was a full length skirt. Love Love! Then I was packing up Summer stuff and I saw crops. These will make a great pass the knee length skirt. I'm so thinking knee boots and pattern tights! You with me now?

Problem... reading a lot of feed back a lot of attempts went South, or there were tutorials that added wonky steps. Well, I fixed this. Yeah, go me! It's the combination of being an artist with an engineering side to me.

So now let me present: the perfect patch work skirt, with no wonky bumps or sticky out bits!

You will need 2 pairs of denim, or 2 pairs of denim crops. Choose one pair to be your skirt, and the other for the patch. 
I chose the more bling bling ones as my main pair because they already had the perfect rips and cute back pockets.
Cut open the seam on both pairs!
Take your patch pair and cut off the legs. Cut as high up as possible.

Open up your main pair and insert your patch piece underneath. But make sure you flip it upside down so you have more fabric at the bottom.

By flipping it upside down you will get a more full look in your skirt.

Here's a little trick! A lot of people were having a problem with the front laying flat. It's really just applying what you will be doing to the back, with a special detail. Cut up the curve just slightly, then cut out that square where all the seams come together. You want to cut enough to bring them together into a triangle so it will lay flat. 

Pin in place, and pin the rest of your skirt.
A little trick for a fuller skirt. Pinch up the middle of the patch piece, then pin.
 (Or flatten completely.) 
Before I started sewing I sewed the crotch by hand to ensure it was straight, 
and came together neat.
Time to sew! I chose to sew on the out side of the original pant seam. I wanted a layered look, almost like a petti coat. I also get more fraying for the Boho look.
Flip! And repeat cut up the curve on the backside. About 2 inches, or until you see it laying flat. Cut again on the other side of that seam to remove! 

You now have that extra fabric, starting at the bottom, cut to remove.
 I used a ruler and drew a line with chalk so I didn't do an 'oopsie'.

Pin (again pinching up some fabric for fullness if desired) and stitch! Again I left the raw edge and a small allowance to allow for fraying.  You can just leave the fraying for the front and tuck under a hem if you wish.
Now flip inside out and cut away all that left over fabric from the patch! 
Cur around the bottom and wash to fray. You're done!
Here is my skirt from the crop's and my jeans. These are my Instagram pics. Follow me there to see my projects as they happen. 

I have received nothing but compliments from these skirts! (Even cute old Veterans in Rascal Scooters.) LOVE LOVE. 


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    1. Hi again! Thanks to see a blog hopper. Ty forbthe follow... I'm taking denim donations... lol.

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