Tuesday, December 17, 2013

EASY owls!

You will not need anything too fancy for these little guys. 2 triangles of various sizes. Totally free cut! Best way to use up scraps. They are great for ornaments, or fill with potpourri for drawer scents. They make cute gifts, or add on to gift labels. 
 One pattern will be his tummy..

 I cut the tummy, then laid it on the fabric to get a 'guestimation' of size. 
hen took the body fabric and folded it over. (One large triangle, one less seam)

 Then cut larger than your tummy piece. 
 Ta Dah! I didn't measure so they all will have their own personality. 


 My pin cushion meeting his new friend! Did I mention, great pin cushions!
 He needs a nose, fold, pin and just run a seam where the pin is.
 Then from the inside sew his beak down. Or glue. 
 Add eyes! I have used felt, buttons, beads, sequins....
 If you are making an ornament sew some embroidery thread through the top of the head.
 Before you sew the beak down.

 Glue a circle of felt to finish.
 OR: Glue in a nice parcel finish.

LOL, look at this motley crew!


  1. Very cute. I don't sew though. My hubby got a sewing machine, so he can sew my daughter's Daisy patches on.