Monday, November 17, 2014

The Bohemian Cherry is now OPEN!

I have been working furiously to get all the photos and listings done in my etsy shop. I finally decided to do it after all the feed back I was receiving through social media. I put together a small collection of items (there are more, but it's a process).

This has to be on of my favorites. It was a favorite maxi dress at some point. It was sheer and flowing. But I slowly I wore down the straps. I didnt want to part with it so I stashed it away with my sewing for a later date. Now it has been reborn in to something that can be worn in all seasons!

My collection reflects a Boho influence, and lots of up cycling! The hardest part is putting it for sale, because I love it all! Even the skirts I hoarded... and they were not even my size!

I did that with many summer dresses and maxi's. I gave life to some boring light weight skirts. Now with denim and add a pair of color tights you have a new fall skirt!

Add some tights, and boots now a all season skirt!

This denim number is the ultimate winter skirt. At ankle length its long enough and just short enough to show off some awesome boots. for this I used two pair of denim and added denim to the front and the back to create a very full skirt. These are really easy wearing.

If you saw in the pictures there are a couple of necklaces. These are just the cutest things. 
To compliment the Boho style I went with a mixed media look. I also recycle lots of old fabric.

These are just some favorites. I still have a lot of work to do.
 Please come by The Bohemian Cherry soon!

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