Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Maxi Dress into A Boho Skirt

This can be an easy or as difficult you would like it to be. For my practice one I used a simple cotton maxi dress. I wanted practice before I attempted cutting my favorite Boho dress (that I have had since 2005). The elastic around the chest is long gone. But I knew it was destine to be amazing, to be reincarnated!

If you did the previous Denim Maxi skirt project you had a pair of strange shorts left over. This is the prettiest way to use them! 

Cut the denim just under the back pockets. I used a ruler and some chalk for the first one.

You are going to want to cut off the top portion of  the maxi dress. This is when you will want to cut it to the length that fits you! (Psst.. if you know me by now, save that bandeau top!)

 The cotton maxi was just a plain tube of fabric. So when I pinned it I flipped it inside out so I could pin some pleats in a more even manner. I attach the skirt under the denim and left the raw edge to fray.

 Then sew! It was that easy.

So here is the one I was waiting for my Boho dress. This dress is chiffon with a slip underneath and a little more difficult to handle. I cut of the top and was able to leave everything connected and pleated. I just had to sew. The only thing I did was adjust the length to fit, and cropped the under skirt so it was shorter and now more sheer. 

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  1. This cotton maxi dress looks good, simple and easy on you, although the clothes color is monotonous but design is special!!!thanks for sharing this.