Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Two Ingredient Face Mask

There is no need to spend a large quantity of money on a small quantity on those expensive face creams. Save it for buying a good wheat grass, and end up with a huge quantity of healthy! I am sure you're aware wheat grass does good things for you from in the inside out. How about applying on the out side... Wheat grass can aid in skin call regeneration, complexion, treats eczema and skin discoloration. Hello fabulous! 
Now couple this with the power of raw honey, and this two-fer is legit! 
Honey alone is already amazing for your skin, loaded with antibacterial and anti fungal power. But it is a humectant, which will draw moisture into the skin. Raw honey will calm the redness and fade scars, how can you not be using this!
Putting these two together are a "no brainer" right!
Mix teaspoon of wheat grass, with a teaspoon and a half of raw honey. Add more if needed to make a good sticky consistency. Mine was pretty dry until I added more. Apply with a spatula or a face brush if you can.  I do keep a box of latex gloves around, they come in handy if you like to do face treatments.
Wear for up to 20 minutes, and try not to move too much! Your body heat will warm the honey and it will drip! Keep a towel handy. Wash off with luke warm water with a soft face towel. try not scrub it off. You will want a nice layer of honey residue, it will act as your moisturizer.
If you wish you can do this a few times a week, and also pair it with:  Home Made Honey Cleanser !

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